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We service all the the drains in your  home. 
Call us for all your Sewer service and  plumbing clog needs
Clogged toilet, clogged sink, clogged tub, clogged Shower.

Call Sureflow Sewer Service of Rhode Island
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Sink Line Clog:
Soap, grease, food and plastic kitchen utensils can cause a clogged sink and block your kitchen drain and cause them to drain slowly. If you are having a clogged sink in your kitchen. We have the drain cleaning tools and drain cleaning experience to help get those sink drains flowing again, call us for complete Sewer service. Tub clog, sink clog, toilet clog, sewer drain clog. Call Sureflow Rooter Service RI

Clogged Shower or Tub Line:
 Soap, hair, small bath toys, razors and much more can cause a clogged tub or clogged shower. Drainage of water should occur immediately when taking a shower and shortly after using the tub. If you have a shower drain or tub  clog. Our sewer service professionals has the drain cleaning tools to get that clogged shower or clogged tub cleaned. Call us for all your sewer service needs.

We are always on call 24/7

Clogged Toilet Or Toilet Line:
 Clogged Toilets are often just paper clogs, it is often in the toilet itself or in main toilet drain line shortly after the toilet. If you have a Clogged Toilet? We can help. We have the Rooter Service tools and  experience to get your toilet unclogged. Call  us for Sewer Service today for drain service. Sink clog, sewer drain clog, tree roots clog, tub clog, toilet clog.

Never any Emergency Fee's

Main Sewer Drain Clog:
 Paper products, kitchen grease and build up on main line/sewer drain  walls can cause a clogged Drain. If you are experiencing a whole house backup due to a main line/sewer line clog, a sewer Rooter Service professional can help. We have the drain cleaning tools to cut out tough tree roots in main lines/ sewer drain backups, gease in main line, paper products in main line/sewer line.

A Sureflow Rooter Service RI professional has the tools and
the drain cleaning experience to help get your main line/sewer drain unclogged. Call us for complete rooter and  plumbing drain service. Clogged drain , tub clog, toilet clog, tree roots clog, sink clog. 
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We are on call 24/7
Emergency Rooter Service RI
 We offer service warranties on all our work at no additional cost and we stand behind our warranties 100%. (401) 432-4708
We offer rootx applications for root problems in our customers sewer lines that have a root
intrusion. Rootx works by coating the root ends after manual cutting with rooter machine.
Roots can be a major problem in your main sewer drain. Roots can grow throughout your drain and cause it to have to be replaced if not addresed right away.
Call Sureflow Rooter  today for any root or sewer drain issues you may have.
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Rootx commercial grade root kiiler successfuly treats roots in your sewer line saving thousands of dollars in repairs.
Rootx kills roots on contact; The dead roots decay and over time are carried out with the flow of your sewer drain line. Restoring the clogged drain pipe to it's full capacity. Rootx also leaves a barrier on the pipe wall preventing future root growth.
Rootx should be used on a yearly basis and does not harm your sewer drains.
If you are experiencing roots in your sewer drain call us today
(401) 432-4708
How roots grow in sewer line
We also offer high pressure water jetting for drain lines that are clogged with grease or scum buildaup. water jetting breaks up the clog while cleaning and flushing your drain line.
Pipe camera inspections to see and diagnose any problems you may have in your sewer line
tree roots, cracked or broken sewer line can be diagnosed using our sewer line inspection camera.
Electronic pipe location to find any problem in your clogged sewer drain. tree roots in sewer drain, cracked or broken sewer line. we can locate exactly where it is to save you time and money.
Warranties on all clogged drains cleaned by us. Main sewer clog, kitchen sink clog, bathroom tub clog, toilet clog. we stand behind our warranties.
Call us today for all your drain cleaning needs
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