Clogged Sinks & Toilets

Your sinks and toilets are a huge part of your everyday living at home and the convenience and functionality of your business. Don’t let these problems frustrate you. Get professional help!

Home and business drains in the kitchen and bathroom sinks are often under the heavy strain of daily use frequently washing away the dirt and grime of everyday life. If they become clogged, they can cause your whole plumbing system to slow significantly or come to a complete halt. Kitchen and bathroom drains clogged due to a variety of reasons including dirt, grease and food build up over time as well as other items that may inadvertently end up in your drain system. While some home or business owners may reach for a store-bought drain cleaner when these problems crop up, these products will often do more harm than good and can only provide temporary solutions. The chemicals in many drain cleaning products can damage your pipes, ruin the finish of drains, and lead to more problems in the future. Professional drain cleaning services are the only way to clean your entire drain system and prevent further issues and damage.

Many things can lead to a blocked toilet from sewage backup, sanitary products, waste buildup, paper products and many more. Over time, tree roots can invade your pipes through small holes or gaps and cause a major blockage in your main sewer drain. Sometimes a plunger just isn’t enough to get the job done and you will need a professional to get your toilet draining properly. We have the experience and tools to get your pipes or main sewer drain flowing properly again. Call Sureflow Rooter Service to get your home or business back to normal as efficiently as possible!