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Residential drains and sewers will clog due to many reasons. A common reason for a Sewer Main line clog is a root penetrating a portion of the sewer line. This root will obstruct your drain and catch waste as it flows through. Over time, the root may eventually slow the drain, and even cause the drain to completely back up.

There are many other causes for slow sewer lines and clogged drains in Rhode Island;

  • Grease being poured down a drain followed by hot water – the hot water will wash the grease out of your sink and pans but once it cools in the pipes, it solidifies.
  • Garbage disposal grease traps are designed to catch grease, oils and fats. They should be properly and carefully removed and cleaned. When hot water passes through, it allows the grease to be released and travel through the pipes. Once it reaches the cooler pipes, it will solidify and can create the start of a clog that is significant and can be difficult to clear.
  • Pipes that have deteriorated and collapsed. Pipes can be damaged, crack and break down over time. Schedule regular preventative inspections!
  • Products that are deliberately or mistakenly flushed down toilets can get lodged creating the start of a catch that will gather other small items eventually creating a clog that will cause slow draining.
  • Shower drains often allow hair and animal and vegetable fats to flow into your drainage system. Many soaps are made with animal and vegetable fats. These soaps can contribute to a grease clogged drain.


Whether you own a multi-family dwelling, a restaurant or any other type of business, the last thing you need is a clogged toilet or drain. Slow drains can significantly impact some businesses. Regular inspections of drainage systems should be a significant part of your regular maintenance regiment. Sureflow Rooter Service and Drain Cleaning in Rhode Island is fully licensed, bonded and insured and has the experience and tools for all your advanced and difficult inspection, cleaning and repair needs.

Call Sureflow Rooter Service to service your slow draining needs and for residential and commercial clogged drains in Rhode Island!


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