Septic System Rejuvenation

What is Septic System Rejuvenation?

A Septic System Rejuvenation is when a professional pumps excess water from a leach field and adds the proper good bacteria and enzymes that will rejuvenate the system. Hydro Water Jetting may be beneficial to clean the drain lines of any clogs while cleaning the walls of the pipes as well.

The leach field is the fourth part of a septic system. The leach field’s job is to catch the waste water when it exits the distribution box. The leach field helps the water absorb into the ground and make space for the new waste water that is inside the septic tank.

Over time, the build-up that is created naturally can become too much for the system and it will not drain properly. This is when a System Rejuvenation may be required

What are the benefits?

  • Quick restoration of proper septic function.
  • Minimal damage or disruption to lawn and landscaping.
  • Lower cost for operation and maintenance.
  • Cost-effective solution.


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