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Broken or cracked sewer lines are a nuisance, but if the issue is addressed quickly, it can be resolved without causing further problems. In many cases, you don’t have to replace old sewer pipes with new ones; as we are fully qualified to repair damaged pipes and thus extend their longevity.


When should sewer pipes be repaired or replaced?

Sewer pipes, regardless of their quality, are likely to break after years of use. The underlying damage is massive – can you imagine what will happen if those pipes start leaking filthy sewage under your property? At SureFlow Rooter Service and Drain Cleaning in Providence, RI, we specialize in fixing cracked, broken, deformed, and collapsed sewer pipes, in a quick and efficient fashion.


Warning Signs to Watch Out For!

When the problem appears to be localized, it is often times due to a single clogged drain. However, when all the drains in your home stop working; including toilets, sinks, tubs, and shower drains becoming clogged simultaneously; this is a clear sign that something is seriously wrong with the sewer lines and should be addressed immediately before further problems arise.

  •  Leaky sewer pipes emit a foul stench in your basement, yard, or other areas on the premises. A pervasive smell of sewage means it is time to call in professionals.
  •  Gurgling noises from different fixtures, such as the shower drain gurgling and coughing up water, strange sounds coming from the toilet due to lack of water.
  •  The bathtub takes too long to drain or the water doesn’t seep smoothly into the drainage system.
  •  If a sewer pipe is severely cracked, fractured, or displaced, the contents can spill out into your yard or garden.
  •  Sewage accumulating in your toilet or tub.


Repair Services

Our team of experienced professionals will assess the damage and devise solutions accordingly, since property layouts and sewer systems are different for every home. For broken or cracked sewer lines, we can reline the pipes if required, which involves new pipes from the inside out or lining existing ones with a “sleeve” to avoid cracks in future. We are also equipped to unclog drains and eradicate debris, filth, and other kinds of buildup to prevent clogs or bursts.

Installation Service

When the damage is too much and repairs aren’t feasible, we recommend replacement of old lines by installing new ones. We pull a new sewer pipe through the old one – eventually the latter breaks apart, and the former takes its place. At SureFlow Rooter Service and Drain Cleaning, we offer lucrative solutions by explaining options and reviewing problems, so you can decide objectively. As ethics and transparency are important to us, the sewer line replacement will be in compliance with your specifications and budget. No surprises. No hidden fees.

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